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The idea of starting The Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation (JCR) formed following the International Neuropsychology Society's annual meeting in Pittsburgh in February, 1982. Although references to cognitive rehabilitation date back to World War I and II, it was during the time period of the early 80's that attention to this aspect of rehabilitation mushroomed. During the Pittsburgh meeting, about 100 signatures were gathered, on a passed around sign-up sheet, from professionals at the meeting indicating that they would like more focused information on the specific topic of cognitive rehabilitation. The first issue of JCR was released in January 1983, almost a year later. If you search and browse the articles in our archives you will recognize some well known names from psychology, speech & language, occupational therapy and other related fields.

There were many avid followers of our complimentary SoftTools computer based cognitive exercises that were inserted into every issue of JCR and later available from our website. Most of those programs have been incorporated in the Neuropsychonline cognitive rehabilitation therapy system.

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